Date 16th May 2011
Venue Ming-Ai (London) Institute
Interviewer Frances Lam
Interview Language English
Transcription English Version (PDF file)
Transcribed by Chong Goh
Audio File (Length: 52:59)
Audio Edited by Chong Goh

Interviewee's Profile

Mr Simon Cheung is a home cook and IT consultant from Hong Kong. His wife, a British-born Chinese, decided to move closer to her family after living in Hong Kong for over 15 years. Therefore, Simon relocated to London in 2005, spending the first year studying for another Masters degree, then started a WiFi solution company with two business partners, one in the UK and the other in China. Simon likes foods, especially Chinese cuisine, but it's not easy to find everything he likes in the UK. So he learnt from his brother-in-law, who is a very experienced cook, about how to prepare decent but simple Chinese dishes.

Personally, Simon likes meeting people of different backgrounds and reading books of different subjects. In particular, he is quite obsessed with detective stories by British and Japanese authors. Besides, he will read all different titles as long as he'd like to know more or find interest about the topics. Therefore, his readings can range from philosophy to economics; from political affairs to science; sometime he'll even read comic books.


時間 2011 年 5 月 16 日
地點 明愛(倫敦)學院
採訪者 林亮霞
採訪語言 英語
轉錄文本 英文版 (PDF 文件)
轉錄者 Chong Goh
音頻檔案 (長度:52 分 59 秒)
音頻編輯 Chong Goh


張世文先生,來自香港的資訊科技顧問及「家庭煮夫」。因太太在香港生活近二十年後想回歸出生地英國,Simon 於 2005 年隨她移居倫敦。由於愛吃中菜,而在英國又不是經常上館子,不得已要學煮自己喜歡的菜餚。幸得在英國當廚師的姊夫指導,馬馬虎虎可以解決自己對食的要求。

Simon 喜歡接觸不同背景的人,及閱讀各種題材的書籍,尤其是英國與日本偵探小說。從哲學到經濟學,從政治事件到科學,甚至是連環漫畫,只要能引起他的興趣,都會成為 Simon 的閱讀選擇。


时间 2011 年 5 月 16 日
地点 明爱(伦敦)学院
采访者 林亮霞
采访语言 英语
转录文本 英文版 (PDF 文件)
转录者 Chong Goh
音频档案 (长度:52 分 59 秒)
音频编辑 Chong Goh


张世文先生,来自香港的信息科技顾问及「家庭煮夫」。因太太在香港生活近二十年后想回归出生地英国,Simon 于 2005 年随她移居伦敦。由于爱吃中菜,而在英国又不是经常上馆子,不得已要学煮自己喜欢的菜肴。幸得在英国当厨师的姊夫指导,马马虎虎可以解决自己对食的要求。

Simon 喜欢接触不同背景的人,及阅读各种题材的书籍,尤其是英国与日本侦探小说。从哲学到经济学,从政治事件到科学,甚至是连环漫画,只要能引起他的兴趣,都会成为 Simon 的阅读选择。