Date 31st August 2011
Venue Ming-Ai (London) Institute
Interviewer Wilson Law
Interview Language English
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Transcribed by Wilson Law
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Mr Bill Stevens was born in the summer of 1935, and started school in 1940 where he spent the next ten years. Leaving school at the age of fifteen, and being accepted as an apprentice carpenter and joiner, Bill later qualified as a tradesman (City and Guilds), and was immediately conscripted for national service in the Royal Navy for the next two years. On completion of this he moved shopfitting, being away from home quite a lot, he began to eat food cooked by people from other countries all of which he enjoyed. In 1976 Bill met a Chinese man named Mr Holland Kwok whom he found to be a perfect gentleman. Bill sorted out a resteraunt for Holland, and they have remained firm friends eversince.


時間 2011 年 8 月 31 日
地點 明愛(倫敦)學院
採訪者 羅俊傑
採訪語言 英語
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轉錄者 羅俊傑
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Bill Stevens 先生出生於 1935年 夏天,自 1940 年起接受了十年教育。十五歲那年,他成為一名木匠與細木工學徒。在剛獲得英國倫敦城市行業協會(City and Guilds)的技工資格後,他便應徵入伍,在皇家海軍服役兩年。其後,Bill 開始從事商鋪裝潢。由於經常在外工作,他得以嘗試到其他族裔的食物,並且非常喜愛這些異國風味。1976 年,Bill 結識了郭可倫先生,並為這位十足的紳士裝修餐館;直到今天,他們依然是很好的朋友。


时间 2011 年 8 月 31 日
地点 明爱(伦敦)学院
采访者 罗俊杰
采访语言 英语
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转录者 罗俊杰
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Bill Stevens 先生出生于 1935 年夏天,自 1940 年起接受了十年教育。十五岁那年,他成为一名木匠与细木工学徒。在刚获得英国伦敦城市行业协会(City and Guilds)的技工资格后,他便应征入伍,在皇家海军服役两年。其后,Bill 开始从事商铺装潢。由于经常在外工作,他得以尝试到其他族裔的食物,并且非常喜爱这些异国风味。1976 年,Bill 结识了郭可伦先生,并为这位十足的绅士装修餐馆;直到今天,他们依然是很好的朋友。