Beef BBQ with Spicy Sauce  阿香婆石頭烤肉
Beef Filet with Tomato Sauce, Chinese Style 中式牛柳
Beef Steak with Tomato Sauce, Chinese Style 中式牛排
Beef Tenderloin with Mixed Vegetables 什錦扒牛肉
Beef with Chili Grilled on Stone Plate  石烹肥牛
Beef with Dried Orange Peel 陳皮牛肉
Beef, Hunan Style 湖南牛肉
Boiled Beef  沾水牛肉
Braised Beef Brisket en Casserole 牛腩煲
Braised Beef Brisket with Cumin 孜然辣汁燜牛腩
Braised Beef Brisket with Tomato 番茄燉牛腩
Braised Beef Filet in Black Bean Sauce  豆豉牛柳
Braised Beef Filet in Iron Pot  鐵鍋牛柳
Braised Beef Filet with Scallion  京蔥山珍爆牛柳
Braised Beef Tendon in Brown Sauce 紅燒牛蹄筋
Braised Beef with Bamboo Shoots 小筍燒牛肉
Braised Beef with Carrots 胡蘿蔔燉牛肉
Braised Beef with Potatoes 牛肉燉土豆
Braised Beef with Taro  香芋燴牛肉
Braised Oxtail in Chili Sauce, Szechuan Style 川北牛尾
Braised Oxtail in Red Wine 紅酒燴牛尾
Consomme of Beef Balls 清湯牛丸腩
Crispy Beef Filet  酥皮牛柳
Dry-Braised Shredded Beef, Szechuan Style 幹燒牛肉
Fried Beef with Scrambled Eggs 清蛋牛肉
Griddle Cooked Beef and Wild Mushrooms 幹鍋黃牛肉
Grilled Beef with Cumin 孜然烤牛肉
Grilled Beef with Shanghai Greens 菜心扒牛肉
Ox Head with Hot Chili Oil  紅油牛頭
Pan-Fried Beef Ribs with Black Pepper 黑椒牛肋骨
Pan-Fried Beef Steak with Black Pepper  黑椒牛排
Pan-Fried Beef with Crispy Garlic 金蒜煎牛籽粒
Pan-Fried New Zealand Calf Chop  香煎紐西蘭牛仔骨
Pan-Fried Superior Steak ( with black pepper sauce
/ vanilla sauce)  堂煎貴族牛肉(製作方法:黑椒汁、香草汁)
Poached Sliced Beef in Hot Chili Oil 水煮牛肉
Sautéed Beef and Green Peas in Spicy Sauce 豌豆辣牛肉
Sautéed Beef Filet in Chili Sauce, Szechuan Style 川汁牛柳
Sautéed Beef Filet in XO Sauce Xo醬炒牛柳條
Sautéed Beef Filet with Bell Peppers 彩椒牛柳
Sautéed Beef Filet with Bell Peppers 鮮椒牛柳
Sautéed Beef Filet with Black Pepper 黑椒牛柳
Sautéed Beef Filet with Black Pepper 黑椒牛柳條
Sautéed Beef Filet with Chinese Broccoli 芥蘭扒牛柳
Sautéed Beef Filet with Hot Green Pepper  杭椒牛柳
Sautéed Beef Filet with Potatoes 土豆炒牛柳條
Sautéed Beef Filet, Country Style 家鄉小炒肉
Sautéed Beef in Hot Pepper Sauce 辣子牛肉
Sautéed Beef Ribs 爆炒牛肋骨
Sautéed Beef with Bitter Melon  涼瓜炒牛肉
Sautéed Beef with Black Pepper and Taro 香芋黑椒炒牛柳條
Sautéed Beef with Cabbage in Chili Sauce  辣白菜炒牛肉
Sautéed Beef with Chinese Broccoli  芥蘭牛肉
Sautéed Beef with Fresh Mushrooms 鮮菇炒牛肉
Sautéed Beef with Greens  菜遠炒牛肉
Sautéed Beef with Lemon  檸檬牛肉
Sautéed Beef with Litchi  荔枝炒牛肉
Sautéed Beef with Mixed Vegetables 什菜牛肉
Sautéed Beef with Pepper and Onions 青椒牛肉
Sautéed Beef with Pickled Vegetable  榨菜牛肉
Sautéed Beef with Scallion 蔥爆肥牛
Sautéed Beef with Seasonal Vegetable 時菜炒牛肉
Sautéed Beef with Sesame  芝麻牛肉
Sautéed Beef with Snow Peas  雪豆牛肉
Sautéed Calf Ribs with Spicy Salt  椒鹽牛仔骨
Sautéed Diced Beef Filet with Black Pepper  黑椒牛柳粒
Sautéed Diced Beef with Cashew Nuts 腰果牛肉粒
Sautéed Diced Beef with Green Beans 青豆牛肉粒
Sautéed Mongolian Beef  蒙古牛肉
Sautéed Ox Tripe with Coriander 芫爆散丹
Sautéed Preserved Beef with Leek and Pepper 小炒臘牛肉
Sautéed Shredded Beef  幹煸牛柳絲
Sautéed Shredded Beef in Chili Sauce  幹煸牛肉絲
Sautéed Shredded Beef with Ginger Shoots 子薑牛肉
Sautéed Shredded Beef with Hot Pepper and Celery  尖椒香芹牛肉絲
Sautéed Shredded Beef with Onion 洋蔥牛柳絲
Sautéed Shredded Beef with Wild Pepper  野山椒牛肉絲
Sautéed Sliced Beef and Vegetables in Oyster Sauce 菜膽蠔油牛肉
Sautéed Sliced Beef in Oyster Sauce 蠔皇滑牛肉
Sautéed Sliced Beef with Onion and Ginger 薑蔥爆牛肉
Sautéed Sliced Beef with Yam 山藥牛肉片
Scalded Beef 白灼肥牛
Sizzling Beef Kebabs 鐵板串燒牛肉
Sizzling Beef Steak 鐵板牛肉
Sizzling Calf Ribs with Papaya  鐵板木瓜牛仔骨
Spicy Ox Tripe  麻辣牛肚
Steamed Beef in Black Bean Sauce 豉油牛肉
Steamed Beef Ribs in Black Bean Sauce 豉汁牛仔骨
Steamed Beef with Rice Flour 米粉牛肉
Steamed Ox Tripe with Curry 咖喱蒸牛肚
Stewed Beef Balls with Chili Sauce 鍋仔辣汁煮牛筋丸
Stewed Beef Brisket with Radish 鍋仔蘿蔔牛腩
Stewed Beef en Casserole 罐燜牛肉
Stir-Fried Beef Filet with Broccoli 西蘭花牛柳
Stir-Fried Beef Filet with Green Asparagus  蘆筍牛柳
Stir-Fried Beef Filet with Mushrooms 白靈菇牛柳
Stir-Fried Shredded Beef with Vegetables  三彩牛肉絲
Yu-Shiang Beef (Sautéed with Spicy Garlic Sauce) 魚香牛肉