Abalone in Scallion Oil  蔥油九孔
Abalone Sauce on Deep-Fried Rice Cake  鍋粑鮑魚
Assorted Seafood with Vermicelli en Casserole  海鮮粉絲煲
Australian Lobster(Sashimi/ in Chicken Consommé / Fried with Spicy Salt)  澳洲龍蝦(刺身,上湯焗,椒鹽)
Baked Crab Shell Stuffed with Snow Clam and Salted Egg Yolk  黃金雪蛤釀蟹蓋
Baked Fish Head en Casserole 生焗魚頭
Baked Hardshell Crab with Curry  咖喱焗肉蟹
Baked Jumbo Crab with Curry  咖喱焗珍寶蟹
Baked Lobster in Rice Wine Sauce 香糟焗龍蝦
Baked Lobster with Fresh Cream  奶油焗龍蝦
Baked Prawns in Stones with Fresh Cream  奶油石頭焗生中蝦
Baked Prawns with Mixed Flavor  鷺香焗生中蝦
Baked Prawns with Salt 鹽酥生中蝦
Baked Sea Cucumber en Casserole 生焗海參煲
Baked Sturgeon in Curry Sauce  咖喱焗鱘
BBQ Eel  碳燒鰻魚
BBQ Scallops 碳燒元貝
Boiled Crab with Chili in Liquor  辣酒煮花蟹
Boiled Fish Maw with Minced Pork  青瓜肉鬆煮魚肚
Boiled Fish with Bean Sprouts in Hot Chili Oil 沸騰魚
Boiled Fish with Onion 洋蔥煮魚
Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili  酸菜魚
Boiled King Prawns en Casserole  滋補砂鍋大蝦
Boiled Seafood with Bamboo Fungus 海竹笙煮雙鮮
Boiled Shark’s Fin and Bird's Nest Served in Dragon Fruit  火龍燕液翅
Braised Abalone  紅燒鮑魚
Braised Abalone and Seafood en Casserole  鮑魚海珍煲
Braised Abalone in Abalone Sauce  鮑汁扒鮑貝
Braised Abalone in Oyster Sauce  蠔皇鮑魚
Braised Abalone with Longjing Tea 龍井金元鮑
Braised Abalone with Ox Head  鮑魚燒牛頭
Braised Abalone with Vegetables 碧綠原汁鮑魚
Braised Abalone, Shark’s Fin and Bird's Nest  紅燒鮑翅燕
Braised Bamboo Fungus and Sea Cucumbers 清湯竹蓀海參
Braised Boletus in Abalone Sauce  鮑汁牛肝菌
Braised Cat Fish with Eggplant  鮎魚燒茄子
Braised Codfish with Mushrooms 松菇銀鱈魚
Braised Crucian Carp with Scallion  蔥焅河鯽魚
Braised Cuttle Fish with Mushrooms 野生菌燴烏魚片
Braised Dried Abalone in Oyster Sauce 蠔皇扣幹鮑
Braised Duck Feet with Sea Cucumber  刺參扣鴨掌
Braised Duck Meat with Sea Cucumber  鴨汁鮮鳧烏龍
Braised Eel in Black Bean Sauce en Casserole 砂鍋豉香鱔
Braised Eel with Chestnuts 板栗燒鱔段
Braised Eel with Garlic  大蒜燒白鱔
Braised Eel with Scallion  蔥燒鰻魚
Braised Eggplant with Shrimp and Minced Pork in XO Sauce  Xo醬蝦子肉鬆茄子煲
Braised Fish Balls with Shanghai Greens  菜心扒魚圓
Braised Fish Curd with Shanghai Greens  魚腐扒菜膽
Braised Fish Filets in Taiwan Black Bean Sauce  殷豉魚片
Braised Fish Filets with Ginger Slices 薑絲魚片
Braised Fish Filets with Scallion  蔥燒魚片
Braised Fish Head  香燒深海魚頭
Braised Fish Head, Be-for-Time Style  避風塘焗魚雲
Braised Fish Lips with Mushrooms  猴頭菇扒魚唇
Braised Fish Maw  黃扒魚肚
Braised Fish Maw in Abalone Sauce 鮑汁扣花膠皇
Braised Fish Maw in Oyster Sauce 蠔汁扣魚肚
Braised Fish Maw in White Sauce  白扒魚肚
Braised Fish Maw with Chicken Broth 濃汁魚肚
Braised Fish Maw with Scallops 澳帶燴魚肚
Braised Fish Maws and Vegetables with Pepper and Chili  碧綠椒麻魚肚
Braised Flatfish Head (with Hot Red Peppers/ Scallion)  深海鰈魚頭(剁椒、蔥油)
Braised Goose Feet and Black Mushrooms in Abalone Sauce  鮑汁北菇鵝掌
Braised Goose Feet in Abalone Sauce  鮑汁扣鵝掌
Braised Goose Feet with Sea Cucumber en Casserole  海參鵝掌煲
Braised Goose Liver in Abalone Sauce  鮑汁鵝肝
Braised Hilsa Herring 紅燒長江鰣魚
Braised Jumbo Sea Cucumber with Shrimp Roe 蝦子大鳥參
Braised Mandarin Fish in Brown Sauce, Shandong Style  山東家常燜桂魚
Braised Mushrooms in Abalone Sauce 鮑汁扣白靈菇
Braised Mushrooms in Abalone Sauce  鮑汁鶏腿菇
Braised Mushrooms with Turtle Rim 白靈菇扣裙邊
Braised Perch in Soy Bean Paste 豆瓣鱸魚
Braised Pork with Abalone 金元鮑紅燒肉
Braised Prawns  油燜大蝦
Braised Prawns with Peas  青元燴鮮蝦
Braised Ribbonfish in Brown Sauce 紅燒帶魚
Braised River Crab with Soy Paste 油醬毛蟹
Braised Scallops with Vegetables 碧綠鮮帶子
Braised Sea Bass (Mandarin/ Flatfish / Perch/ Sea Bream/ Bulltrout)in Brown Sauce  紅燒石斑(桂魚、左口魚、鱸魚、加吉魚、鱒魚)
Braised Sea Bass(Mandarin/Flatfish / Perch/ Sea Bream/ Bulltrout)with Green Garlic  青蒜豆油燒石斑(桂魚、左口魚、鱸魚、加吉魚、鱒魚)
Braised Sea Bass(Mandarin/Flatfish/ Perch/ Sea Bream / Bulltrout) with Trimmings  五柳燒石斑(桂魚、左口魚、鱸魚、加吉魚、鱒魚)
Braised Sea Cucumber  紅燒遼參
Braised Sea Cucumber and Abalone with Scallion 蔥燒海參鮑魚
Braised Sea Cucumber and Fish Maw in Abalone Sauce  鮑汁花膠扣遼參
Braised Sea Cucumber and Goose Feet in Abalone Sauce  鮑汁鵝掌扣遼參
Braised Sea Cucumber and Ox Tendon with Scallion 蔥燒海參牛蹄筋
Braised Sea Cucumber and Shrimp en Casserole  雙蝦海參煲
Braised Sea Cucumber in Abalone Sauce  鮑汁蔥燒遼參
Braised Sea Cucumber in Abalone Sauce  鮑汁扣遼參
Braised Sea Cucumber with Chinese Yam  燒山藥海參
Braised Sea Cucumber with Duck Feet in Oyster Sauce  蠔汁遼參扣鴨掌
Braised Sea Cucumber with Kidney Beans and Papaya  木瓜腰豆煮海參
Braised Sea Cucumber with Minced Pork  肉末遼參
Braised Sea Cucumber with Ox Head  紅燒牛頭扣遼參
Braised Sea Cucumber with Scallion 蔥燒海參
Braised Sea Cucumber with Scallion 高湯京蔥扒刺參
Braised Sea Cucumber with Scallion 京蔥扣遼參
Braised Sea Cucumber with Shrimp Roe 蝦仔燒海參
Braised Sea Cucumber, Fish Maw and Mushrooms in Abalone Sauce  鮑汁扣三寶
Braised Sea Whelks and Sea Cucumber 響螺燒梅花參
Braised Seafood in Saffron Sauce  紅花汁燴海鮮
Braised Shark’s Fin and Abalone in Soup 濃汁鮑絲翅
Braised Shark’s Fin in Brown Sauce  紅燒散翅
Braised Shark’s Fin in Brown Sauce  紅扒魚翅
Braised Shark’s Fin in Chicken Broth (Serves 3 to 5 Persons)  濃湯鶏煲翅(供3-5人用)
Braised Shark’s Fin in White Sauce  白扒魚翅
Braised Shark’s Fin in Yellow Wine Sauce  黃燜魚翅
Braised Shark’s Fin with Brown Sauce  紅燒大鮑翅
Braised Shark’s Fin with Mushrooms  松茸燴魚翅
Braised Shark’s Fin with Shredded Chicken  紅燒鶏絲翅
Braised Shark’s Fin with Shredded Chicken and Scallops 瑤柱鶏絲燴生翅
Braised Shark’s Fin, Sichuan 川式紅燒魚翅
Braised Sheets of Starch with XO Sauce in Stone Pot  石鉢XO醬水晶粉
Braised Shelled Shrimps with Rice Wine Sauce 糟燴蝦仁
Braised Shredded Eel with Sesame Oil 香油蟮糊
Braised Shrimp Balls 金絲蝦球
Braised Shrimps with Mixed Vegetables 什燴蝦
Braised Sliced Abalone in Oyster Sauce 蠔皇鮮鮑片
Braised Sliced Abalone with American Kidney Beans 美國紅腰豆扣鮑片
Braised Sliced Abalone with Mushrooms 白靈菇扒鮑片
Braised Sliced Abalone with Pork and Vegetables  碧綠香肘扣鮑片
Braised Small Yellow Croakers and Tofu  紅燒小黃魚豆腐
Braised Soft Turtle Rim with Abalone Sauce  鮑汁扒裙邊
Braised South African Abalone 紅燒南非鮑
Braised Squid 香燒魷魚
Braised Superior Shark’s Fin in Brown Sauce 紅燒排翅
Braised Supreme Abalone 頂級6頭鮑/王府極品鮑/王府一品鮑
Braised Tofu in Abalone Sauce  鮑汁豆腐
Braised Tofu with Seafood  海鮮豆腐
Braised Turtle in Brown Sauce  紅燒甲魚
Braised Turtle Rim with Mushrooms 松茸裙邊
Braised Turtle Rim with Pigeon Egg  鴿蛋燒裙邊
Braised Turtle Rim with Scallops 瑤柱燴裙邊
Braised Turtle with Diced Pork 甲魚燒肉
Braised Turtle with Yam and Longan  淮山圓肉燉甲魚
Braised Yellow Croaker in Bean Sauce  豆瓣燒大黃魚
Char-Grilled Perch Filet  燒烤鱸魚片
Char-Grilled Perch Filet  燒烤鱸魚片
Consommé of Grass Carp with Vinegar and Pepper, Live Style 醋椒活草魚
Crab Meat in Broth  清湯蟹肉
Crab-Flavor Fish 賽螃蟹
Crispy Shrimps with Yellow Wine Sauce 黃酒脆皮蝦仁
Crispy Squid with Spicy Salt  椒鹽魷魚
Crispy Whole Fish 脆皮全魚
Crystal Prawn  油泡蝦球
Cucumber and Prawn in Shark’s Fin Soup 翅湯青瓜蝦球
Curry Crabs en Casserole  咖喱蟹煲
Curry Shrimps  咖喱蝦
Deep-Fried Codfish with Spicy Salt 椒鹽鱈魚
Deep-Fried Crispy Mussel Rolls  酥炸蚵卷
Deep-Fried Eel Balls with Garlic  金蒜脆鱔球
Deep-Fried Eel in Hot Spicy Sauce  香辣脆鱔
Deep-Fried Eel Rolls  如意鰻卷
Deep-Fried Eel Rolls  如意炸白鱔
Deep-Fried Fish with Soya Sauce  王府穌魚
Deep-Fried Lobster Heads and Claws with Spicy Salt 椒鹽頭爪
Deep-Fried Oyster with Ginger and Scallion 薑蔥酥炸生蠔
Deep-Fried Phoenix-Tailed Prawns  炸鳳尾蝦
Deep-Fried Prawn Topped with Mustard  芥末蝦球
Deep-Fried Prawn with Spicy Salt  椒鹽大蝦球
Deep-Fried Prawns with Egg Yolk 蛋黃明蝦
Deep-Fried Ribbonfish  幹煎帶魚
Deep-Fried Shisamo 乾炸多春魚
Deep-Fried Shisamo with Sesame 芝麻炸多春魚
Deep-Fried Shredded Eel with Spicy Sauce  五香脆鱔
Deep-Fried Shrimp Balls in Peach Sauce  蜜桃水晶丸
Deep-Fried Shrimps with Spicy Salt  椒鹽有頭蝦
Deep-Fried Shrimps with Spicy Salt  椒鹽基圍蝦
Deep-Fried Squid with Minced Shrimp in Lemon Sauce 西檸百花鮮魷
Deep-Fried Squid with Spicy Salt  椒鹽吊片
Double-Boiled Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber and Ham with Cabbage  菜膽肘子燉海中寶
Dry-Braised Mandarin Fish 幹燒桂魚
Dry-Braised Olive Flounder in Brown Sauce  幹燒牙片魚
Dry-Braised Prawn  幹燒蝦球
Dry-Braised Prawn with Ham and Asparagus  幹燒大蝦
Dry-Braised Scallops with Vegetables 碧綠幹燒澳帶
Dry-Braised Shelled Shrimp 幹燒蝦仁
Eel with with Three Cups Sauce 三杯鰻魚
Fish Filets in Hot Chili Oil  水煮魚
Fish Filets with Tomato Sauce  茄汁魚片
Fish Head en Casserole  砂鍋魚頭
Fish in Sour Soup  酸湯魚
Fish Kebab with Chili Sauce  辣汁串燒魚
Fish Lips Soup  濃汁魚唇
Fish Maw in Chili Sauce  紅油魚肚
Fish Maw with Shark’s Fin Soup  濃湯魚肚燴散翅
Fotiaoqiang--Steamed Abalone with Shark’s Fin and Fish Maw in Broth (Lured by its delicious aroma even the Buddha jumped over the wall to eat this dish.)  佛跳墻
Four Delicacies and Shark’s Fin Soup 濃汁四寶魚翅
Fresh Squid in Hot Chili Oil  水煮鮮魷
Fried and Simmered Shrimps 煎烹蝦仁
Fried Crab Claws Stuffed with Minced Shrimp  百花釀蟹鉗
Fried Crab Meat 龍須蟹棗
Fried Crab with Spicy Salt  椒鹽蟹
Fried Crabs with Soy Sauce 醬油蟹
Fried Crispy Mandarin Fish  脆炸桂魚
Fried Crucian Carp with Bamboo Flavor  竹香鯽魚
Fried Fish with Tofu 豆腐燒魚
Fried Lobster with Peppers and Black Bean Sauce  豉椒焗龍蝦
Fried Prawns with Peanuts in Special Sauce 果仁生汁脆皮蝦球
Fried Prawns with Sweet Sauce 幹大蝦
Fried Salted Fish Filets 鳳城煎魚脯
Fried Scallops and Shrimps with Fresh Fruit 鮮果玉帶蝦
Fried Scallops in Fresh Fruit Juice 果汁銀元帶子
Fried Scallops with Crispy Taro Strips and Vegetables  玉帶乾貝酥
Fried Scallops with XO Sauce  XO醬鮮椒煎帶子
Fried Sea Bass Balls 油泡石斑球
Fried Sea Bass(Mandarin / Flatfish / Perch/ Sea Bream/ Bulltrout)with Vinegar Sauce 醋烹石斑(桂魚、左口魚、鱸魚、加吉魚、鱒魚) 
Fried Shrimp with Hot Pepper  糊辣基圍蝦
Fried Shrimps in Hot Spicy Sauce 香辣蝦
Fried Shrimps with Corn and Salted Egg York 金沙玉米蝦
Fried Tofu with Seafood 海鮮脆皮豆腐
Fried Whole Fish Dressed with Spicy Bean Sauce  豆瓣全魚
Grass Carp(Dry-Braised with Chili Sauce/ Steamed/ Poached/ Boiled with Pickled Cabbage and Chili)  草魚(幹燒,清蒸,水煮,酸菜)
Grilled Codfish with Scallion  蔥烤銀鱈魚
Grilled Prawns with Seafood Sauce 海鮮汁扒大蝦
Grilled Salmon Steak with Lemon 西檸三文魚排
Halibut (Steamed with Black Bean Sauce/ Steamed / Braised in Brawn Sauce)  左口魚(豉汁蒸,清蒸,紅燒)
Hardshell Crab(Stir-Fried with Ginger and Scallion/ Steamed /Fried with Spicy Salt)  肉蟹(薑蔥炒,清蒸,椒鹽)
Hot and Sour Catfish  酸辣鮎魚
Hot and Sour Jellyfish  酸辣蜇頭花
Hot and Sour Shredded Eel  酸辣鱔絲
Hot and Spicy Sliced Sea Whelks 麻辣響螺片
Jellyfish with Black Vinegar  老醋蟄頭
Kung Pao Phoenix-Tailed Prawns  宮保鳳尾蝦
Kung Pao Prawn Meat  宮保大蝦肉
Kung Pao Scallops  宮保帶子
Kung Pao Shrimps 宮保蝦仁
Kung Pao Squid  宮保魷魚
Liquor-Soaked Crabs  醉蟹
Lobster Balls in Sweet Bean Sauce 京醬龍蝦球
Lobster Poached in Chicken Consommé  上湯焗龍蝦
Mandarin Fish (Steamed/Fried / Deep-Fried with Pine Nuts)  桂魚(清蒸,油浸,松子炸)
Mandarin Fish(Dry-Braised with Chili Sauce/Steamed/ Boiled in Sour-Soup/Fried with Spicy Salt)  桂魚(幹燒,清蒸,酸湯,椒鹽)
Mapo Baby Lobster(Braised in Chili Sauce) 麻婆龍蝦仔
Marinated Sea Bass (Mandarin/ Flatfish / Perch/ Sea Bream/ Bulltrout)in Oil  油浸石斑(桂魚、左口魚、鱸魚、加吉魚、鱒魚)
Pancake with Braised Fish  鐵板餅子燜魚
Pan-Fried Catfish  香煎黃板刁
Pan-Fried Catfish with Black Bean Sauce  豉汁煎焗塘虱
Pan-Fried Codfish Filet 煎銀鱈魚
Pan-Fried Codfish in Oyster Sauce 蠔黃煎銀鱈魚
Pan-Fried Codfish in Sour Sauce  特汁銀鱈魚
Pan-Fried Codfish in Soya Sauce 香煎銀鱈魚
Pan-Fried Codfish in Thai Sauce  泰汁煎銀鱈魚
Pan-Fried Flounder  幹煎龍利
Pan-Fried Goose Liver (Foie Gras) in Abalone Sauce  鮑汁煎鵝肝
Pan-Fried Mackerel  馬鮫魚
Pan-Fried Pomfret  煎鯧魚
Pan-Fried Salted Fish  香煎鹹魚
Perch (Steamed/Braised/ Stewed with Marinated Chili)  鱸魚(清蒸,紅燒,鍋仔泡椒煮)
Perch with Mushrooms  野山珍鱸魚
Poached Prawns 水煮明蝦
Pomfret(Steamed in Black Bean Sauce/Pan-Fried or Braised)  黃立倉(豉汁蒸,幹煎,紅燒)
Prawn Salad with Fresh Fruits 鮮果沙律蝦
Prawns Cooked in Western Style 西法大蝦
Prawns Kebab with Curry  咖喱串燒生中蝦
Quick-Baked Scallop Mille Feuille(Roast Pepper Sauce and Basil Oil Infusion)  千層酥烤鮮貝
Quick-Fried Fringe Shell with XO Sauce  XO醬爆北極裙
Quick-Fried Prawn with Sauce  炸烹蝦球
Quick-Fried Scallop with Sauce  炸烹鮮貝
Roasted Fresh Catfish 烤鮎魚
Sautéed Abalone and Scallop  清炒鮑貝
Sautéed Abalone with Oyster Sauce  蠔油小鮑
Sautéed Abalone with Shanghai Greens  扒鮑魚菜心
Sautéed Abalones with Black Pepper and Broad Beans 黑椒蠶豆炒雙鮑
Sautéed Chive with Geoduck Clam  韭王象拔蚌
Sautéed Chive with Squid  韭王花枝片
Sautéed Clam with Black Bean Sauce  豉汁炒大蜆
Sautéed Codfish Balls with Broccoli  西蘭炒雪魚球
Sautéed Codfish Balls with Mushrooms and Hotbed Chives  白靈菇韭黃炒鱈魚球
Sautéed Codfish Filets with Rice Wine Sauce  糟溜鱈魚
Sautéed Crab  炒蟹
Sautéed Crab in Hot Spicy Sauce 香辣蟹
Sautéed Crab with Ginger and Scallion  蔥薑肉蟹
Sautéed Crabs with Sour Sauce 醋溜蟹
Sautéed Cuttlefish with Green Pepper  紫蘇煎釀尖椒
Sautéed Eel Balls with Black Pepper 黑椒鱔球
Sautéed Eel in Spicy Sauce 燒汁鰻魚條
Sautéed Eel Slices  生炒鰻片
Sautéed Eel Slices with Coriander 芫爆鱔魚片
Sautéed Eel Slices with Garlic  蒜香鰻片
Sautéed Eel Slices with Hotbed Chives  韭黃鱔片
Sautéed Eel with Hot and Green Pepper  家鄉鱔魚
Sautéed Fish Floss with Sweetened Beans and Lily Bulbs  蜜豆百合炒魚菘
Sautéed Fish Lips  白汁炒魚唇
Sautéed Fish Maw with Chinese Cabbage 扒魚肚白菜心
Sautéed Fish Maw with Scrambled Egg 蛋花炒魚肚
Sautéed Fish Maw with Shanghai Greens  扒魚肚油菜心
Sautéed Four Delicacies in Sauce  扒四寶
Sautéed Fresh Abalone with “Nine Layer Tower” (a Kind of Spearmint)  九重鮮鮑
Sautéed Fresh Clam with Seasoning Sauce  米醬炒蟶肉
Sautéed Fresh Clams 炒大蛤
Sautéed Fresh Scallop with Mushrooms 雙菇鮮帶子
Sautéed Hardshell Crab in Taiwan Black Bean Sauce 殷豉炒肉蟹
Sautéed Hardshell Crab with Osmanthus Sauce 桂花炒肉蟹
Sautéed Hardshell Crab with Salted Egg Yolk 鹹蛋黃炒肉蟹
Sautéed Hardshell Crab with Soy Bean Paste 豆醬炒肉蟹
Sautéed Jumbo Crab in Taiwan Black Bean Sauce 殷豉炒珍寶蟹
Sautéed Jumbo Crab with Osmanthus Sauce  桂花炒珍寶蟹
Sautéed Jumbo Crab with Salted Egg Yolk  鹹蛋黃珍寶蟹
Sautéed Jumbo Crab with Soy Bean Paste  豆醬炒珍寶蟹
Sautéed Lobster  清炒大龍蝦
Sautéed Lobster with Ginger and Scallion  薑蔥炒龍蝦
Sautéed Mandarin Fish with Rice Wine Sauce, Live Style  糟溜活桂魚
Sautéed Mashed Eel  清炒鱔糊
Sautéed Minced Dace with Olive Seeds 欖仁炒魚環
Sautéed Minced Fish with Celery and Kidney Beans  腰豆西芹炒魚鬆
Sautéed Minced Shrimps with Bean Sprouts 銀芽炒蝦松
Sautéed Mixed Seafood with Black Bean Sauce 豉汁炒三鮮
Sautéed Mussel and Mushrooms in Special Sauce  醬野菌炒胭脂蚌
Sautéed Mussel with Black Bean Sauce  豉汁炒青口
Sautéed Oyster with Ginger and Scallion 蔥薑生蠔
Sautéed Perch Balls  香滑鱸魚球
Sautéed Prawn with Lemon  檸檬蝦球
Sautéed Prawn with Lily Bulbs  百合蝦球
Sautéed Prawn with Pineapple  菠蘿蝦球
Sautéed Prawn with Shanghai Greens  菜遠蝦球
Sautéed Prawns with Bamboo Shoots  筍尖炒蝦球
Sautéed Prawns with Vegetables and Scallops 玉簪明蝦球
Sautéed Scallops  清炒貝仁
Sautéed Scallops and Mushrooms  金銀玉帶
Sautéed Scallops in Black Pepper Sauce  黑椒魚貝
Sautéed Scallops in Hot Pepper Sauce  辣子乾貝
Sautéed Scallops with Cashew Nuts 珍寶炒帶子
Sautéed Scallops with Macadamia 夏果澳帶
Sautéed Scallops with Mixed Vegetable 什燴乾貝
Sautéed Scallops with Osmanthus Sauce  桂花炒乾貝
Sautéed Sea Bass Balls with Shanghai Greens  菜遠石斑球
Sautéed Sea Cucumber with Scallion  蔥爆海參條
Sautéed Sea Cucumber with Shrimp Roe and Scallion 京蔥蝦籽燒遼參
Sautéed Seafood with Macadamia  夏果海鮮
Sautéed Shark’s Fin with Chicken Soup en Casserole 砂鍋炒翅
Sautéed Shark’s Fin with Crab Meat and Bean Sprouts  桂花炒魚翅
Sautéed Shark’s Fin with Crab Meat and Chinese Herbs  紅梅蟹粉炒桂花翅
Sautéed Shelled River Shrimps  清炒水晶河蝦仁
Sautéed Shelled Shrimp 清炒蝦仁
Sautéed Shelled Shrimps 水晶蝦仁
Sautéed Shelled Shrimps with Cashew Nuts 腰果鮮蝦仁
Sautéed Shelled Shrimps with Pea Sprouts 豆苗蝦仁
Sautéed Shelled Shrimps with Preserved Vegetable  鹹菜蝦仁
Sautéed Shredded Abalone with Bean Sprouts  銀芽炒鮑絲
Sautéed Shredded Cuttlefish with Potherb Mustard  雪菜墨魚絲
Sautéed Shredded Eel with Peppers in Black Bean Sauce 豉椒鰻魚絲
Sautéed Shrimp Balls Salad 沙律明蝦球
Sautéed Shrimp Balls with Lily Bulbs and Ginkgo 銀杏百合炒蝦球
Sautéed Shrimp Balls with Mushrooms 羊肚菌爆蝦球
Sautéed Shrimp with Lily Bulbs and Gingko in XO Sauce  Xo醬銀杏果百合炒蝦仁
Sautéed Shrimps and Eel with Hot Green Pepper 杭椒蝦爆鱔
Sautéed Shrimps in Hot Pepper Sauce 辣子蝦仁
Sautéed Shrimps in Lobster Sauce  蝦龍糊
Sautéed Shrimps with Broccoli  翡翠蝦仁
Sautéed Shrimps with Chili, Thai Style 泰式辣椒炒蝦仁
Sautéed Shrimps with Chinese Broccoli  芥蘭蝦
Sautéed Shrimps with Fresh Beans  鮮豌豆炒河蝦仁
Sautéed Shrimps with Ginger Shoots  子薑蝦
Sautéed Shrimps with Gingko and Scallion  香蔥白果蝦
Sautéed Shrimps with Leek  韭菜炒河蝦
Sautéed Shrimps with Pea Sprouts  豆苗大蝦
Sautéed Shrimps with Snow Peas  雪豆蝦
Sautéed Shrimps with Tomato Sauce  茄汁蝦仁
Sautéed Sliced Abalone in Oyster Sauce 蠔油鮑脯
Sautéed Sliced Fish in Rice Wine Sauce  香糟溜魚片
Sautéed Sliced Sea Whelks and Lotus Root in XO Sauce Xo醬蓮藕炒海螺片
Sautéed Sliced Squid in XO Sauce  Xo醬花枝片
Sautéed Sliced Squid with Bamboo Shoots  雪筍花枝片
Sautéed Sliced Squid with Kiwi Fruit 奇異果炒花枝
Sautéed Squid Rolls  炒小卷
Sautéed Squid with Chinese Broccoli  芥蘭鮮魷
Sautéed Squid with Peppers in Black Bean Sauce 豉椒魷魚
Sautéed Squid with Shrimp Paste  馬拉盞炒魷魚
Sautéed Squid with Soy Bean Paste  豆瓣醬鮮魷
Sautéed Squid, Shrimps and Vegetables 家鄉小炒皇
Sautéed Three White Slices (Chicken, Fish and Bamboo Shoots) with Rice Wine Sauce 糟溜三白
Sautéed Turtle with Black Pepper Sauce  黑椒炒甲魚
Sautéed Whelks in Soy Sauce 東古一品螺
Scalded Prawns  白灼蝦
Scalded Sliced Squid  白灼花枝片
Scallop in Shell (Steamed with Garlic/Sautéed with XO Sauce /Steamed with Black Bean Sauce)  扇貝(蒜茸蒸,XO炒,豉汁蒸)
Scallops Sashimi  北極貝刺身
Sea Bass Balls, Sichuan Style  川味石斑球
Sea Cucumber with Crispy Rice  海參鍋巴
Sea Cucumber with Three Delicacies 三鮮海參
Seafood and Rice in Abalone Sauce  鮑汁海鮮燴飯
Seafood Soup  濃湯四寶
Seaweed Rolls Stuffed with Shrimp 紫菜蝦卷
Shan Dong Shark’s Fin in Soup with Stewed Rice 山東濃汁魚翅撈飯
Shan-Dong Sea Cucumber Soup 山東海參
Shark’s Fin and Seafood en Casserole  海鮮大煲翅
Shark’s Fin in Chicken Soup 濃湯鶏火翅
Shark’s Fin in Chicken Soup en Casserole 砂鍋鶏煲翅
Shark’s Fin in Soup 原罐小排翅
Shark’s Fin Soup with Assorted Mushrooms  翅湯浸什菌
Shark’s Fin Soup with Crab Roe 蟹黃金鈎翅
Shark’s Fin Soup with Deer Antler  鹿茸養生翅
Shark’s Fin Soup with Papaya 木瓜燉翅
Shark’s Fin Soup with Pickles 泡菜魚翅羹
Shark’s Fin Soup with Shredded Abalone 鮑參翅肚羹
Shark’s Fin Soup with Shredded Chicken 高湯鶏絲生翅
Shark’s Fin Soup with Shredded Chicken and Bamboo Fungus 竹笙筍鶏絲翅
Shark’s Fin Stewed in Scallop Soup  乾貝燉燒翅
Shark’s Fin with Chicken Soup en Casserole 鶏煲牙撿翅
Shark’s Fin with Minced Chicken  鶏茸魚翅
Shark’s Fin with Papaya 木瓜魚翅
Shelled Shrimps Simmered with Tofu 蝦仁燜豆腐
Shredded Fish Maw and Shark’s Fin en Casserole 砂鍋肚絲翅
Shredded Mushrooms and Shark’s Fin en Casserole  砂鍋菇絲翅
Shredded Turtle Rim and Shark’s Fin en Casserole 砂鍋裙邊翅
Shrimp Kebab with Hot Pepper Sauce  串串辣子蝦
Shrimp Omelet  蝦仁跑蛋
Shrimps, Hunan Style 湖南蝦
Simmered Prawns with Medicinal Herbs  藥味燉生中蝦
Sizzling Assorted Seafood with Crispy Rice 鍋巴海三鮮
Sizzling Eel in Satay Sauce 鐵板沙爹鱔球
Sizzling Fresh Squid with Soy Sauce  鐵板醬鮮魷
Sizzling Scallops with Chili and Vegetables 鐵板醬爆帶子
Sliced Raw Bulltrout  鱒魚刺身
Soft-Fried Scallop in Two Taste 雙味軟炸鮮貝
Soft-Fried Shrimps with Egg  軟炸蝦仁
Spicy Fish Filets with Egg White  香辣芙蓉魚
Spotted Sea Crab(Cold / Steamed /Stir-Fried with Ginger and Scallion)  紅花蟹(潮式凍蟹,清蒸,薑蔥炒)
Squid Rolls with Three Cups Sauce  三杯中卷
Steamed Abalone Rolls Stuffed with Minced Shrimps 百花鮑魚卷
Steamed Abalone with Black Bean Sauce 豉汁蒸九孔
Steamed Abalone with Chopped Garlic  蒜蓉蒸九孔
Steamed Asparagus with Minced Shrimp  百花釀露筍
Steamed Catfish 蒸金錢片塘虱
Steamed Codfish with Preserved Vegetables 冬菜銀鱈魚
Steamed Codfish with Preserved Vegetables 東坡銀鱈魚
Steamed Codfish with Savory Crispy Beans  豆酥鱈魚
Steamed Crab with Gultinous Rice Served in Bamboo Steamer  原籠糯米蒸蟹
Steamed Dazha Crabs  清蒸大閘蟹
Steamed Eel  清蒸白鱔
Steamed Eel with Black Bean Sauce  豉汁蒸白鱔
Steamed Fish Head with Diced Hot Red Peppers 剁椒魚頭
Steamed Flounder  清蒸龍利
Steamed Glutinous Rice Mixed with Diced Abalone and Chicken 鮑魚珍珠鶏
Steamed Lobster 生蒸龍蝦
Steamed Lobster with Chopped Garlic  蒜蓉蒸龍蝦
Steamed Mandarin Fish 清蒸桂魚
Steamed Mandarin Fish with Scallion Oil, Live Style 蔥油活桂魚
Steamed Olive Flounder with Scallion Oil  蔥油潑牙片魚
Steamed Perch Filet in Honey Sauce  蜜汁蒸鱸魚
Steamed Perch in Black Bean Sauce  豉油王蒸鱸魚
Steamed Prawns with Chopped Garlic  蒜蓉開邊蒸生中蝦
Steamed Prawns with Garlic 金銀蒜蒸大花蝦
Steamed Prawns with Garlic 蒜茸蒸大蝦
Steamed Red Sturgeon with Sticky Rice 紅鱘米糕
Steamed River Crab  清蒸閘蟹
Steamed Scallop and Tofu in Black Bean Sauce 豉汁豆腐蒸帶子
Steamed Scallop with Chopped Garlic  清蒸蒜蓉帶子
Steamed Scallops with Tofu  白玉蒸扇貝
Steamed Sea Bass 清蒸石斑魚
Steamed Sea Bass (Mandarin/ Flatfish / Perch/ Sea Bream/ Bulltrout)with Black Bean Sauce  豉汁蒸石斑(桂魚、左口魚、鱸魚、加吉魚、鱒魚)
Steamed Sea Bass with Scallion Oil 蔥油潑石斑魚
Steamed Sea Bass(Mandarin/ Flatfish/ Perch/ Sea Bream/ Bulltrout)  清蒸石斑(桂魚、左口魚、鱸魚、加吉魚、鱒魚)
Steamed Sea Cucumber Stuffed with Minced Shrimp 百花釀遼參
Steamed Squid in Chili Sauce  辣醬蒸鮮魷
Steamed Turbot with Scallion Oil  蔥油潑多寶魚
Steamed Turtle 清蒸甲魚
Steamed Turtle in Crystal Sugar Soup  冰糖甲魚
Steamed Turtle Rim in Chinese Wolfberry Soup  枸杞蒸裙邊
Steamed Turtle Rim with Aweto  蟲草蒸裙邊
Steamed Wuchang Fish  清蒸武昌魚
Stewed Assorted Delicacies 全家福
Stewed Crab Roe and Tofu in Stone Pot  石鉢蟹黃豆腐
Stewed Eel in Gravy, Sichuan Style  川汁燒白鱔
Stewed Eel with Preserved Vegetables en Casserole  鹹菜大鱔煲
Stewed Fish Lips and Eggs Preserved in Wine 糟蛋燴魚唇
Stewed Fish Maw with Chrysanthemum and Oolong Tea  菊花烏龍燴魚肚
Stewed Fish Roe  鍋仔魚籽
Stewed Perch with Potherb Mustard  鍋仔雪菜鱸魚
Stewed Perch with Water Shield Leaves 蒓菜鱸魚燴
Stewed Sea Cucumber and Shrimp Balls  燒蝦球海參
Stewed Seafood and Tofu en Casserole  蝦棗魚丸豆腐煲
Stewed Shark’s Fin  幹焅魚翅
Stewed Shark’s Fin with Fish Maw and Bamboo Fungus 花膠菜膽燉竹笙翅
Stewed Shark’s Fin with Hawaiian Papaya  夏威夷木瓜燉翅
Stewed Shark’s Fin with Shredded Duck  罐燜鴨絲魚翅
Stewed Shrimps with Ligustici Rhizome, Tangkuei and Other Medicinal Herbs  川歸燒酒蝦
Stewed Shrimps with Mushrooms and White Fungus 香菇雪耳燴竹蝦
Stewed Silver Carp Head  白汁拆燴鰱魚頭
Stewed Sliced Fish with Papaya 鍋仔木瓜浸魚片
Stewed Starfish with Aweto  冬草花燉海星
Stewed Tofu with Crab Roe  蟹黃一品鍋
Stewed Turtle in Broth 清燉甲魚湯
Stewed Turtle Rim  白汁燒裙邊
Stewed Turtle with American Ginseng  洋參燉甲魚
Stewed Turtle with Sarsaparilla  土茯苓燉山龜
Stewed Vegetebles with Shark’s Fin and Pork Hock  金肘菜膽燉散翅
Stire-Fried Shrimps, Shanghai Style 上海油爆蝦
Stir-Fried Baby Clams  炒山瓜仔
Stir-Fried Eel with Peppers  椒香鱔段
Stir-Fried Fish Filets in Catsup  咭汁魚片
Stir-Fried Fish Filets with Vegetable 時菜魚片
Stir-Fried Lobster with Black Bean Sauce  豆豉大龍蝦
Stir-Fried Lobster with Soy Bean Paste 醬爆龍蝦
Stir-Fried Mussels with Taiwan Black Bean Sauce 殷豉炒蚵
Stir-Fried Prawn with Black Bean Sauce 豆豉蝦球
Stir-Fried Prawn with Vegetables 翡翠蝦球
Stir-Fried Prawn, Sichuan Style  四川蝦球
Stir-Fried Sea Cucumber and Minced Pork in Chili Bean Paste 家常臊子海參
Stir-Fried Shreded Eel  爆炒鱔魚絲
Stir-Fried Shrimps  油爆蝦
Stir-Fried Spicy Cuttlefish and Tofu Skin  辣炒墨魚竹百葉
Stir-Fried Squid with Vegetable  時菜魷魚
Stir-Fried Two Taste Shelled Shrimps with Broccoli  蘭花雙味蝦仁
Superior Shark’s Fin Soup (Per 50g) 金山勾翅(每兩)
Supreme Shark’s Fin Soup (Per 50g)  海虎翅(每兩)
Supreme Shark’s Fin Soup with Papaya  木瓜海虎翅
Supreme Shark’s Fin with Chicken Soup en Casserole 鶏煲海虎翅
Sweet and Sour Mandarin Fish 松鼠桂魚
Sweet and Sour Prawn  糖醋咕嚕蝦球
Sweet and Sour Sea Bass Balls 咕嚕石斑球
Sweet and Sour Shrimp Balls 咕嚕明蝦球
Sweet and Sour Shrimps 甜酸蝦
Sweet and Sour Squid 糖醋魷魚
Sweet and Sour Whole Fish  糖醋全魚
Taibai Prawns in Bamboo Basket  太白竹簍蝦
Three Delicacies and Shark’s Fin Soup  濃汁三鮮魚翅
Three Delicacies with Egg White 芙蓉三鮮
Turbot (Steamed/Steamed with Black Bean Sauce/ Boiled)  多寶魚(清蒸,豉汁蒸 過橋)
Turtle Rim Soup  濃湯裙邊
Turtle with Pickled Peppers  泡椒甲魚
Turtle with Sichuan Pepper  花椒甲魚
Vinegar-Flavored Braised Mandarin Fish in Duck Bone Soup  鴨湯醋椒魚
Walnut Shrimp 點桃蝦球
West Lake Fish in Vinegar Gravy  西湖醋魚
Wine/Fried with Ginger and Scallion/Fried with Spicy Salt) 膏蟹(花雕酒蒸,薑蔥炒,椒鹽)
Wuchang Fish with Leeks  韭香武昌魚
Yellow-Fin Tuna with Pine Nuts  松子黃魚
Yu-Shiang Prawn Meat (Sautéed with Spicy Garlic Sauce)  魚香大蝦肉
Yu-Shiang Prawns (Sautéed with Spicy Garlic Sauce)  魚香明蝦球
Yu-Shiang Scallops (Sautéed with Spicy Garlic Sauce) 魚香乾貝
Yu-Shiang Shredded Eel (Sautéed with Spicy Garlic Sauce) 魚香炒鱔絲
Yu-Shiang Shrimps (Sautéed with Spicy Garlic Sauce) 魚香蝦