• pumpkin66g Wheat Flour

  • 115g Glutinous Rice Flour

  • 300g Pumpkin

  • 100g Lotus Seed Paste

  • A few Raisins


pumpkin bunsMethod:

  • Cut the pumpkin into small pieces, steam for 15 minutes until soft, and mash.

  • Sift the wheat flour and glutinous rice flour through a sieve, and mix them with the pumpkin paste to make the dough.

  • Divide the dough into small pieces, put a small amount of lotus seed paste in the middle of each piece of dough, and form it into a bun.

  • Use the back of a knife blade to make several indentations on each bun from the top town the sides,  like the segments of an orange. Put a raisin in the top of each bun.

  • Steam the buns for 15 minutes.



  • pumpkin澄麺 66 克

  • 糯米粉 115 克

  • 南瓜 300 克

  • 蓮蓉 100 克

  • 葡萄乾 少許


pumpkin buns做法:

  • 將南瓜切成小塊,蒸 15 分鐘後碾成泥狀。

  • 澄麺與糯米粉過篩後,加入南瓜泥揉成麵團。

  • 將麵團分成小塊,在每一塊中包入少量蓮蓉。

  • 用刀背將每個包子由上至下壓出幾道壓痕,再在頂上插一顆葡萄乾。

  • 將包子放入蒸籠,蒸 15 分鐘即可。

Demonstrator 示範者

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Chef Ben Cheng has got over twenty years' professional experience in catering business in the UK. He became a Head Chef of the Good Earth Group when he was in his early twenties, and was later promoted to Executive Chef. He is an expert in Oriental cuisine and has passion is introducing healthy Chinese cooking to general public. Now Ben is a Director of Good Earth Group, which is a reputable Chinese restaurant chain in London.  


Recipe Provider  菜譜提供者