Date 24th June 2011
Venue Mr William Poon's home, London
Interviewer Jianyi Ma
Interview Language English & Cantonese
Summary English Version (pdf file)
Summarised by Jianyi Ma
Audio File (Length: 40:57)
Audio Edited by Chong Goh

Interviewee's Profile

Mr William Poon is the fifth child of his parents. As his family was engaged in catering business, Mr Poon assisted in the kitchen since young. He has inherited barbequing, stewing and wind-drying techniques from the family, whilst worked in various departments such as Dimsum, Kitchen and Bakery in other restaurants.

Mr Poon was offered an employment and hence came to the UK in 1967. He then signed a contract with Hong Kong Government in 1968, to cater for Hong Kong students that studied in the UK. In 1971, he established the Poon's Wind-Dried Products Factory. The first Poon's Restaurant was opened in 1973, followed by another six which constituted the brand's prime. Amongst these restaurants, the one establised in 1976 was awarded a Michelin star in 1980 as the best Chinese restaurant in London. Mr Poon sold out his business in early 2003 for retirement.


時間 2011 年 6 月 24 日
地點 倫敦,潘偉廉先生家中
採訪者 馬健怡
採訪語言 英語、粵語
採訪撮要 繁體中文版 (pdf 文件)
撮要者 馬健怡
音頻檔案 (長度:40 分 57 秒)
音頻編輯 Chong Goh


潘五自述:因家中操飲食業,某自沖齡即於廚中摘蔥剝蒜度菜薳,除卻燒、鹵、臘屬家傳,在外食肆歷遍點、廚、餅各部職位。1967 受聘抵英。68 年杪與港英政府簽署合約,承辦香港留學生福食。71 年創立潘記臘味。73 年首間潘記飯店開業,76 年開設之潘記酒樓在80年獲米芝蓮提名為倫敦最佳中菜食府。全盛時期,倫敦加上歐洲共有七間潘記。2003 年頭,全線出售退休。


时间 2011 年 6 月 24 日
地点 伦敦,潘伟廉先生家中
采访者 马健怡
采访语言 英语、粤语
采访撮要 简体中文版 (pdf 文件)
撮要者 马健怡
音频档案 (长度:40 分 57 秒)
音频编辑 Chong Goh


潘五自述:因家中操饮食业,某自冲龄即于厨中摘葱剥蒜度菜薳,除却烧、卤、腊属家传,在外食肆历遍点、厨、饼各部职位。1967 受聘抵英。68 年杪与港英政府签署合约,承办香港留学生福食。71 年创立潘记腊味。73 年首间潘记饭店开业,76 年开设之潘记酒楼在80年获米芝连提名为伦敦最佳中菜食府。全盛时期,伦敦加上欧洲共有七间潘记。2003 年头,全线出售退休。