Date 7th May 2011
Venue Mr Deh-ta Hsiung's home, London
Interviewer Kit-Lai Lam
Interview Language English
Transcription English Version (pdf file)
Transcribed by Kit-Lai Lam
Audio File (Length: 54:10)
Audio Edited by Chong Goh

Interviewee's Profile

Mr Deh-ta Hsiung was born in Beijing and travelled widely throughout China as a teenager. Coming from a family of gourmets and scholars, his interest in food and wine was encouraged as part of his traditional Chinese upbringing.

Deh-ta came to England in 1949 to complete his education at Oxford and in London where he now lives. He is an acknowledged expert on Chinese food and cookery and besides being the author of several best-selling books and a food and wine consultant for Chinese restaurants and food manufacturers, he is also a tutor of international renown. He was a regular teacher at the late Mr Ken Lo's Chinese Cookery School in London, and has taught at the Ballymaloe Cookery School in Co Cork, Ireland, as well as in France, Italy, Finland and as far afield as India, where he was sent by the UN.


時間 2011 年 5 月 7 日
地點 倫敦,熊德達先生家中
採訪者 林潔麗
採訪語言 英語
轉錄文本 英文版 (pdf 文件)
轉錄者 林潔麗
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音頻編輯 Chong Goh



德達於 1949 年來到英國,在牛津完成學業並定居於倫敦。他不但是公認的中國食物及烹調專家,還是暢銷書作者,中餐館、食物商的顧問,以及世界知名的飲食導師。他曾是羅孝建先生中餐學校的常任導師,也在愛爾蘭的 Ballymalore 烹飪學校任教;曾經任教的其他國家包括法國、意大利、芬蘭,甚至受聯合國委派遠赴印度。


时间 2011 年 5 月 7 日
地点 伦敦,熊德达先生家中
采访者 林洁丽
采访语言 英语
转录文本 英文版 (pdf 文件)
转录者 林洁丽
音频档案 (长度:54 分 10 秒)
音频编辑 Chong Goh



德达于 1949 年来到英国,在牛津完成学业并定居于伦敦。他不但是公认的中国食物及烹调专家,还是畅销书作者,中餐馆、食物商的顾问,以及世界知名的饮食导师。他曾是罗孝建先生中餐学校的常任导师,也在爱尔兰的 Ballymalore 烹饪学校任教;曾经任教的其他国家包括法国、意大利、芬兰,甚至受联合国委派远赴印度。