Thomas Chan  陳德樑

thomas chan_croppedTo develop healthier take-away menus is, in fact, not so difficult. The principles of healthier food are quite simple. You need to use more lean meat, more fresh vegetables and vegetable oil.






Why healthy eating is important?

In our everyday diet, we are used to fast food, fried foods, fatty foods, processed foods - and all such foods, do nothing for our health. To remain fit and disease-free and to make sure that our heart, brain and muscles work properly, we need to inculcate healthy eating habits, right from the childhood to the teens to the time one grows up to be an adult.

A balanced diet is a must for everybody. When a child takes a balanced diet, with the right amount of all the important nutrients, it helps in his proper growth and development. Due to healthy eating, the child's bones, muscles, teeth and heart gets formed properly. Symptoms of obesity amongst young children and teens are already quite common. By eating a healthy diet a child can grow up to become an energetic and fit adult.

When it comes to foods, the key lies in maintaining variety, including all the important nutrients i.e. proteins, carbohydrates, fats, calcium, fruits, vegetables and iron in the diet and also eating everything in moderation.

Junk foods and foods which are chemical laden should be avoided at all costs. And the most important tip on healthy eating is our water intake. It should be high, almost two litres a day, considering the fact that water eliminates toxins from the body and almost 70-75 % of our body is made of water.


Healthier Takeaway Recipes

In early September 2011, a survey of fast food sector was carried out by the Local Government Association and its results were widely reported in the British media. The survey found a high concentration of salt and saturated fat in the majority of Indian and Chinese takeaway food premises.

In 133 portions of sweet and sour chicken from Chinese takeaways, for example, the survey found their salt contents were 119% higher than the recommended daily intake for adults and 16 teaspoons of sugar. We all know that eating too much salt would increase the risk of blood pressure and heart disease.

High percentage of colourings was found in 11 portions of sweet-and-sour chicken from Chinese takeaways. In two take-away shops, on the other hand, it was discovered that turkey meat was used in their sweet-and-sour chicken dishes.

A Department of Health spokesman said that there are plans to provide guidance on how to label takeaway food in the near future.

In the last few years, the Chinese Takeaway Association (UK) has organised Healthier Chinese Takeaway Menus workshops in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Belfast. These workshops were run in conjunction with the Chinese National Healthy Living Centre and the British Heart Foundation with the objective of developing healthier Chinese fast food recipes for takeaways and restaurants.

To develop healthier take-away menus is, in fact, not so difficult. The principles of healthier food are quite simple. You need to use more lean meat, more fresh vegetables and vegetable oil. In addition, low-salt, low sugar, no additional colouring and no MSG are the main features of healthier take-away dishes.

In order to make healthier recipes more popular, Chinese takeaways need to organise more tasting sessions for regular and new customers as well as publishing the new healthier menus in takeaway leaflets so to attract more attention.





在我們的日常飲食中有快餐、油炸食品、高脂肪食品、加工食品——所有這些食品對我們的健康都沒有好處。要保持身體健康, 確保我們的心臟、大腦和肌肉正常工作,我們需要健康的飲食習慣,從童年到青少年, 到長大成人。



我們應不惜一切代價去避免垃圾食品和含有化學成分的食品。健康飲食最重要的秘訣是我們要多飲水,應該每天飲兩公升。水能消除體內毒素,而且我們的人體幾乎 70-75% 是水做的。



在 2011 年九月初英國所有的媒體都報導在印度人和華人外賣食品中,發現高濃度的鹽和飽和脂肪。英國地方政府協會從 133 間華人外賣店的甜酸雞和炒飯中,發現含有超過成人每日建議攝入量 119% 的食鹽以及 16 茶匙的糖。我們都知道吃太多鹽會增加高血壓、心臟病的風險。

在 11 間華人外賣店的甜酸雞中,同時發現放入了數量極高的色素。此外,在兩間外賣店中竟發現甜酸雞飯使用的肉是火雞肉。









在我们的日常饮食中有快餐、油炸食品、高脂肪食品、加工食品——所有这些食品对我们的健康都没有好处。要保持身体健康, 确保我们的心脏、大脑和肌肉正常工作,我们需要健康的饮食习惯,从童年到青少年, 到长大成人。



我们应不惜一切代价去避免垃圾食品和含有化学成分的食品。健康饮食最重要的秘诀是我们要多饮水,应该每天饮两公升。水能消除体内毒素,而且我们的人体几乎 70-75% 是水做的。



在 2011 年九月初英国所有的媒体都报导在印度人和华人外卖食品中,发现高浓度的盐和饱和脂肪。英国地方政府协会从 133 间华人外卖店的甜酸鸡和炒饭中,发现含有超过成人每日建议摄入量 119% 的食盐以及 16 茶匙的糖。我们都知道吃太多盐会增加高血压、心脏病的风险。

在 11 间华人外卖店的甜酸鸡中,同时发现放入了数量极高的色素。此外,在两间外卖店中竟发现甜酸鸡饭使用的肉是火鸡肉。






Author 作者


Councillor Thomas Chan, Dip HE BA (Hons.) FRSA

Councillor Thomas Chan was born in Macau and educated in Hong Kong. He came to the UK in 1977. Since finishing his studies in 1980, he has worked both in the public, private and voluntary sectors until 2001 when he set up his own training consultancy, delivering accredited food safety training and providing advice and support to SMEs.

He is also Chief Executive Officer of Prolific Partners Limited, engaging in sustainable global trading.

Since 2008, he has been retained as a senior consultant to the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH), advising CIEH in the accreditation and marketing of its Level 2 Food Safety e-learning programme in the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Currently, he also sits on the Advisory Board of EThames Graduate School, advising the School in the setting up of a campus in the PRC.

Thomas has led Trade Missions of SMEs to Beijing in 2008 and Guangdong, Jiangsi and Fujian Provinces in 2010 funded by the London Development Agency (LDA) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). His consultancy is a delivery partner of GLEoneLondon’s Gateway to Global Growth Programme. In 2009, he was invited to speak at a Food Safety Conference organised by the China Chain Stores and Franchise Association (CCFA) in Beijing.

Previously, Thomas has been a member of the Metropolitan Police Committee (1995–2000), the Home Secretary’s Race Relations Forum (1998–2004), Food Standards Agency’s Consumer Committee (2005–2007), HM Revenue & Customs’ Race Equality Advisory Panel (2005–2007) and the Stop and Search Action Team Community Panel (2004–2006).

He has been involved in either the founding or management of charities that serve the Chinese community in London over the last 25 years, including the Camden Chinese Community Centre, Hackney Chinese Community Services, London Chinese Health Resource Centre (now Chinese National Healthy Living Centre) and the London Chinese Community Centre. He is a founding member of the Chinese in Britain Forum.

Currently, he is a Trustee of ASHA Foundation, an Honorary Member of the 48 Group Club and a Freeman of the City of London.

Thomas is serving his third term as an elected Councillor in the London Borough of Redbridge. Between 2009/2010, he was the Mayor of the Borough, successfully forging friendship city relationships between Redbridge and different districts in China.

He is married with two children.



陳德樑議員是英國首位華人市長。在香港成長的他,於三十多年前移居英國,現在經營一所培訓與商業諮詢機構。他對工作環境中的機會均等尤為關注,曾與英國內政部(Home Office)、稅務及海關總署(HM Revenue & Customs, HMRC)合作,也是倫敦警務與種族平等事務委員會(Police and Race Equality Panels)的成員 。



陈德梁议员是英国首位华人市长。在香港成长的他,于三十多年前移居英国,现在经营一所培训与商业咨询机构。他对工作环境中的机会均等尤为关注,曾与英国内政部(Home Office)、税务及海关总署(HM Revenue & Customs, HMRC)合作,也是伦敦警务与种族平等事务委员会(Police and Race Equality Panels )的成员。