English Food Idioms

Be the apple of someone's eye

In apple-pie order

Bring home the bacon

Go bananas

Be full of beans

Spill the beans

Take the bread out of somebody's mouth

That takes the biscuit!


Chinese-English Food Idioms

薑是老的辣: "Nature like ginger, the older it gets the more its pungency increase" -- The older, the wiser.

畫餅充饑: "Draw a cake to satisfy one's hunger" -- A Barmecide feast.

緣木求魚: "Climb up a tree in search of fish" -- Do the impossible.

蓮子蓉口面:  "A face like lotus seed paste" -- A happy face. (Cantonese)

大頭蝦:"Big headed prawn" -- A careless person. (Cantonese)


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