Date 1st September 2011
Venue Ming-Ai (London) Institute
Interviewer Lai Sheung Wong
Interview Language Cantonese
Summary English Version (pdf file)
Summarised by Lai Sheung Wong
Audio File (Length: 39:35)
Audio Edited by Jiali Xu

Interviewee's Profile

Although born in Shanghai, Mr Kam Po But's career as a chef started out in Hong Kong. He was eager to follow in his fathers footsteps, so at the age of sixteen he found himself a job as a kitchen assistant. From there he went on to complete various training schemes in some of Hong Kong's busiest restaurants, before moving to London to work for Mr Chow.

The pinnacle of Mr But's career was meeting Mr Ken Lo, and starting up a partnership with him. Together they opened the restaurant 'Memories of China', where Mr But was the Executive Chef.

Although Mr But is now retired, his passion for food is still as strong as ever, and he regularly enjoys cooking up a feast for his family and friends.


時間 2011 年 9 月 1 日
地點 明愛(倫敦)學院
採訪者 黃麗裳
採訪語言 粵語
採訪撮要 繁體中文版 (pdf 文件)
撮要者 黃麗裳
音頻檔案 (長度:39 分 35 秒)
音頻編輯 徐嘉莉


畢金寶先生出生於上海,在香港開始其廚師生涯。有志於追隨父親腳步的他,在十六歲那年就找到了一份廚房助理的工作。此後,他在香港生意最繁忙的一些餐館裏接受了各種培訓。後來移居倫敦,在 Mr Chow 工作。




时间 2011 年 9 月 1 日
地点 明爱(伦敦)学院
采访者 黄丽裳
采访语言 粤语
采访撮要 简体中文版 (pdf 文件)
撮要者 黄丽裳
音频档案 (长度:39 分 35 秒)
音频编辑 徐嘉莉


毕金宝先生出生于上海,在香港开始其厨师生涯。有志于追随父亲脚步的他,在十六岁那年就找到了一份厨房助理的工作。此后,他在香港生意最繁忙的一些餐馆里接受了各种培训。后来移居伦敦,在 Mr Chow 工作。