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Ambassadors News / 大使消息

4th March 2015 - Eastbury Comprehensive School

Kung Pao Chicken smallWe met Eastbury Comprehensive School students on a sunny and pretty warm Wednesday morning in March for another Healthy Chinese Cuisine Ambassadors cookery demonstration. All the students were extremely curious and eager to learn how to cook "Kung Pao Chicken". After Ming-Ai's and Lee Kum Kee's presentation on Chinese cuisine and sauces, it was the turn of our chef tutor, Cynthia.

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11th February 2015 - Haydon School

Haydon School students, just coming out of their Wednesday Food Club, met Ming-Ai and Lee Kum Kee staff for an insight session about Healthy Chinese food and the opportunity to cook and show their skills. haydon school 1 800x676Since this session was reserved for the school's Food Club members, which is formed by students of all ages, we had set very high standards and expectations for their performance, and we weren't disappointed!

In fact, it was immediately clear that all pupils were extremely prepared and passionate about cooking and food, from the youngest to the most mature, and they demonstrated their knowledge by answering all questions and quizes with no hesitation: it was hard to pick winners during the presentations about Chinese food and sauces!

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11th February 2015 – The Harefield Academy

harefield academy 1 800x600We visited The Harefield Academy for a double session, in which our chef Belinda Yip demonstrated the tasty Hoisin Chicken and Crunchy Vegetables recipe.

Pupils attending the presentations and cooking sessions were very lively and eager to start cooking. A fast-paced explanation, telling students tricks and tips that could be useful while cooking, such as how to marinate the meat and how to get the perfect level of crunchiness and softness, allowed then the students to experience Chinese cooking firsthand.

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4th February 2015 – Drayton Manor High School

DraytonManor2On a sunny morning on the 4th February 2015, the Healthy Chinese Cuisine Ambassadors project team headed to Drayton Manor High School, Ealing Broadway.

In front of a crowd of happy and curious students, our chef Belinda Yip demonstrated how to cook tasty and healthy Hoisin Chicken with Crunchy Vegetables. Belinda started with listing all the benefits deriving from eating vegetables and how to use wok. Then she went on with the cutting meat and marinating techniques, in which the oyster sauce is used to marinate the ingredients.

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3rd February 2015 – Central Foundation School

central foundation 1On the 3rd February 2015, we visited the Central Foundation School in Angel. After Ming-Ai and Lee Kum Kee's presentations on Chinese food culture and the importance of healthy cooking, our chef Jeremy Pang started demonstrating to the group of extremely curious students on how to cook Kung Pao Chicken with noodles in a proper and, most importantly, healthy way.

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